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10 All-Time Best Nike Tennis Shoes In 2021

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Making high-quality tennis shoes can be an uphill battle to overcome. However, over the years some companies such as Adidas and Asics have managed to overcome this obstacle.

Not only have these companies developed a reputation for making high-quality tennis shoes but they have also become fan favourites. One company that has done a remarkable job at making quality tennis shoes consistent over the decades is Nike.

Nike is exceptional at making quality products that they have even branched into other avenues such as basketball, golf, football and other sports. Since Nike has made countless tennis shoes over the years it can be very difficult to find some of their best tennis shoes.

To make life very easy for you, I have selected the top 10 Nike tennis shoes of all time for 2021. If you are ready let’s dive into the list beginning with Air Zoom Vapor X Knit.

Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

Breathability and Lightweight

If you are looking for a tennis shoe that is both lightweight and breathability then you want to go for the Air Zoom Vapor X Knit.

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X Knit - Best Nike Tennis Shoes

The upper of the shoe is made of a supportive knit and synthetic upper. This is specifically used to secure your foot in the perfect position during explosive movements and quick turns.

In addition, the use of circular-knit material provides you with more breathability and is lightweight.

High-strength yarns also help support your foot while you run on the court.

Outsole and Insole

The outsole may not be the best durable tennis shoe out there. However, it is made of rubber which is going to provide you with excellent traction and grip on the court.

The insole, on the other hand, comes with a removable insole which is very cool. This allows you to replace it with a new one or take it out to dry when it’s wet. If you like this shoe make sure to check the full review.

Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4


The Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is by far Nike’s most durable tennis shoe up to date.

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 -Best Nike Tennis Shoes

This shoe was made to celebrate Rafael Nadal’s successful tennis career. Due to the updated design, this shoe can withstand any tough matches you play in.

Lacing System

The lacing system is very unique compared to the Adidas SoleCourt tennis shoe which has a normal lacing system. The unique lacing system keeps your laces hidden for extra durability while sliding on the court.

Midsole and Outsole

Nike is known for their Zoom Air unit and this shoe is no different.

It has a Zoom Air unit beneath your forefoot to create a springy sensation with every step you take on the court. This as a result makes it ideal for hard court surfaces.

Air Zoom Vapor X

Lightweight Stability

The Air Zoom Vapor X is one of the lightweights and stable Nike tennis shoes you want to try. It’s super supportive that it’s going to give you total control and comfort as you run, jump and slide on the tennis court.

Air Zoom Vapor X - Best Nike Tennis Shoes


In terms of fit, the shoe is going to give you glove-like fit support whiles you run and slide on the court.

On top of that, Nike added a full-length foot frame on each side to help you stabilise your foot during quick cuts.

Insole and Midfoot

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X comes with a removable insole which makes it easy to replace when it wore out.

Lastly, a rigid midfoot shank helps stabilise your foot during side-to-side movements. If you like this shoe make sure to check the full review.

Air Zoom Prestige

Responsive and Breathable Comfort

If you are looking for a Nike shoe that is responsive and breathable at the same time then you want to check out the Air Zoom Prestige. It may not be the best durable tennis shoe out there but it still gets the job done.

NikeCourt Air Zoom Prestige

As I said earlier when it comes to breathability, Nike did a fantastic job. They used a combination of mesh and synthetic materials to allow greater ventilation.


It may not be the best durable outsole in tennis shoes, however, it’s good enough to provide you with some good grip on the court.

It is made of a modified herringbone pattern that is designed to provide you with durable traction and grip on a variety of court surfaces.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor vs. Nike Air Zoom Prestige

The question is Air Zoom Vapor better than Air Zoom Prestige is such a debatable topic in the tennis community. If you want to know my take on it check my in-depth review.

Air Zoom Zero

Responsiveness and Great Court Feel

From Zero to Hero, the Air Zoom Zero is going to provide you with an excellent responsive and great court feel on the court.

NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero

This allows you to move comfortably and smoothly on the court.


For the first time in Nike’s history, they designed the whole shoe with a full-length Zoom Air unit.

Nike specifically designed this shoe because they noticed that a lot of tennis players tend to gravitate towards the Air Zoom cushioning.

When you take a look at the outsole, you would notice a core out in the middle to reduce weight and provide you with more cushioning.


The last key feature of this shoe is durability. Nike has added a lot of durability at the front area of the shoe which you are going to love.

Air Max Wildcard


The Air Max Wildcard is described by Nike as the ‘next generation of comfort‘. This shoe is super comfortable to the point that it’s going to allow you to hit hard and move fast on the court at the same time.

NikeCourt Air Max Wildcard


The midsole is built upon the lateral side to help stabilise your foot during side-to-side movement. This is very useful when playing rallies and sliding on the court.

In addition, the Lunarlon foam used in the midsole follows the contour of your foot for plush comfort.


The material used on the outsole wraps over on the medial side for abrasion resistance when sliding. This reduces the chances of you getting an injury.


In terms of pricing, this is one of the cheapest tennis shoes you would get from Nike. Not only that but it comes with great value as well.

Nike Court Flare 2 QS

Speed and Style

This shoe was made in honour of the Great Serena Williams. The shoe is a combination of speed, style and a feminine approach.

Nike Court Flare 2 QS

Also, it has a great lightweight cushioning and supportive lacing system. The lacing system is going to support you even in your aggressive movement.

Tongue and Heel Support

Similar to the Nike Zoom Zero, Nike has added the half tongue section to give you support and soak like fit when you wear it.

In addition, there is foam padding at the heel section to give you comfort and excellent support on the court.

If you are a big fan of Serena Williams and like this shoe, make sure to check a full review on the best types of shoes Serena has worn over her elusive tennis career.

Nike Court Lite 2


If you are looking for a good tennis shoe that is below $60 with good features then you want to go for the Nike Court Lite 2.

NikeCourt Lite 2 - Best Nike Tennis Shoes

It’s specifically designed to provide you with a cushion and support your feet during both training and play.


The outsole is very unique because it features five distinctive patterns that are going to provide you with good traction on the court.

Moreover, each pattern is designed to visually outline 1 of the 5 basic movements new tennis players learn. Which makes it ideal for hard court surfaces.

Tongue and Collar

I think Nike did a great job both with the tongue and collar. They instilled a pad around that area of the shoe to provide you with excellent comfort around your ankles. This is a nice feeling to have when running up and down the court without experiencing much discomfort.

Colour Options

Unfortunately, there are about two colour choices for men and only one for women. This is not good for players who want different colours to choose from and match their tennis outfits.


The combination of synthetic and leather materials makes the shoe durable and lightweight at the same time. Furthermore, the padded collar and tongue give your ankle comfort and cushioning. Make sure to read the full review.

Air Max Vapor Wing MS

Lightweight and Durability

This tennis shoe is a multi-surface shoe. This allows you to play on different surfaces such as grasshard courts etc. Moreover, it comes in a variety of sizes.

Air Max Vapor Wing MS - Best Nike Tennis Shoes

It’s also lightweight and durable and it’s even described by Nike as ‘unbelievable lightweight and durability.

Cushioning and Breathability

Visible Max Air unit is instilled in the shoe to give you good cushioning and stabilize your heels.

In addition, a medial side is hidden for added durability while you slide on the court.

Translucent textile is used to give an extra structure on the heel and mid-foot. This protects you from injuries and allows you to chase the ball quickly.

Weight and Size

With a weight of 13.7 ounces and a size of 10.5, this shoe is classed as lightweight. It’s great to have a shoe that is lightweight because it allows you to move quickly on the court without putting too much weight on your feet.

In terms of sizing, this shoe is more suitable for players who have narrow feet. Moreover, it’s not really true to size so it’s better if you order up one-half size. This way you have a pretty good chance for your feet to fit in well. If you like this shoe make sure to read the full review.

Air Zoom GP Turbo


The last tennis shoe I have for you is the Air Zoom GP Turbo. This shoe is ‘built to last’ and deal with the fast, fierce and long matches in today’s game.

Air Zoom GP Turbo - Best Nike Tennis Shoes

This shoe is made with a combination of an incredibly responsive and full-length Zoom Air unit with zones of durability so you can stay fresh on the court for a long time.


The design and shape of the shoe are very unique when compared to all the shoes listed here. The colours used make it attractive and sleek.

Toe Box

Another key part of the shoe is the toe box. The anatomically designed toe box is reinforced on the medial side for added durability while sliding.

In addition, the overlays are cut out in key places to enhance flexibility and breathability for an extra comfortable fit.

Lacing System

The lacing system is an improved version of the Air Zoom Zero. With the help of the Dynamic Fit system, it’s going to help your feet stay secure whiles you play on the court.

It is also perfect for players who have a wider foot. If you like the awesome features of the GP Turbo then read the full review.

Credit To Tennis Warehouse For Helping Me Write This Post

Final Thoughts!!

In conclusion, these are the 10 All-Time Best Nike Tennis Shoes. If you made it to the end of the post, BIG UPS to you.

I hope you found this post very useful in helping you to select the perfect Nike tennis shoes for your style of play and the surface you are playing on. I wish you all the best in your future matches and hopefully the shoe you select would bring you more success.

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