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Asics Court FF2 vs Asics Solution Speed FF – Which One Is The Best?

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Are you a player struggling to decide whether to buy the Asics Court FF2 or the Asics Solution Speed FF?

If you are then you have arrived at the perfect place. In this post, I’m going to provide you with an in-depth review of both shoes and help you to decide which shoe suits your game and budget.

Before we start, I want to let you know that it’s important to take notice that in this post, I would be using the blue for the FF2 and Navy Blue for the Solution Speed FF. With that said, let’s dive deep into the different parts of the shoes now.


Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 4.5/5

Let’s start with the upper. The Solution Speed FF is made of flexion fit upper which will encase your feet in form-fitting comfort, without sacrificing support. Furthermore, Asics used the seamless PU construction features for an irritation-free fit to help you deal with the tough conditions on the court surfaces.

Asics Solution Speed FF upper

The FF2 on the other hand has a more reinforced and durable upper which is going to secure your feet in the right position.

Also, the upper is breathable which is great because it would allow the moisture and sweat to leave the shoe quickly with the help of the fresh air coming in constantly.

Lastly, the upper is extremely flexible and supportive in its construction. This will give you better flexibility and heightened stability on the court, keeping you in control of all movements.

Overall, I would give the FF2 a slight edge when it comes to the upper because of its breathability, comfort and flexibility.

Lacing System and Tongue

Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 4/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 3.5/5

Honestly speaking, both shoelaces are not that great. It looks thin and can be very difficult to lace them at times. My best recommendation is to purchase better laces when you buy one of these shoes.

Asics Solution Speed FF lacing system

However, both lacing systems are well-built and it’s going to secure your feet in a perfect position.

Also, each shoe has extra lacing holes to give you the opportunity to tighten your shoes more if you needed it.

The FF2 comes with a soft and padded tongue which is going to keep you comfortable over a long period of time. With the Solution Speed FF, this is not the case. So with the lacing system and tongue, the FF2 comes on top.


Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 4/5

In terms of the midsole, both shoes have a Twisstrust system. The purpose of this is how it reinforces under the arch (without adding weight).

Furthermore, it resists torsion plus absorbs shock, while allowing the foot a full range of movement. This is such an amazing technology for both shoes to have because you are going to have a nice movement on the court.

However, the FF2 system has the whole Twisstrust system around the heel area which really locks your heel and gives you great stability whiles moving on the court. Overall, with the midsole, I would give the FF2 a slight edge over the Solution Speed FF because of the amazing heel structure.


Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 4.5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 4.5/5

One of the major differences between these shoes is the outsole. The court FF2 has an aggressive herringbone pattern which makes it perfect for either hard or clay courts.

Looking closely at the outsole you could see one pivot point on the inside or medial side of the forefoot.

Asics Court FF2 outsole

This is great because it helps you to move well on the court and still maintain your balance. Moreover, it has sliding channels to help you give you a nice solid grip on the clay court.

On the other hand, the Solution Speed FF has a zigzag outsole which is going to provide you with good traction on the hardcourt and be able to slide comfortably.

The edges of the outsole and medial side look a bit thin which makes sliding a lot easier.

Lastly, the back of the outsole is made up of a stamped tread which makes the shoe more lightweight and increases your speed. Honestly, deciding which shoe has the best outsole is really tough because both shoes are very good in their own ways. As a result, I would say it’s a square on each side.

Toe Box

Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 5/5

The Solution Speed FF has a PGuard toe protector that wraps your toes to protect you from toe drag and enhance durability.

The FF2, on the other hand, has the upper covered around the toe area to protect you from any bumps and knocks which you might receive on the court. When it comes to the toe box, both shoes are on point.

Colour Options

Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 3.5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 5/5

Based on my research the Solution Speed FF has more colour options than the FF2.

The colour options for both shoes are very attractive, simple and sleek. You would enjoy either both shoes you pick. With that said the Solution Speed FF comes on top of the FF2.

Weight and Size

Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 5/5

In terms of weight the FF2 weighs 14.7 ounces whiles the Solution Speed FF weighs 12.3 ounces. As you can see both shoes are a few weight different, however, all of them would be classified as lightweight from my perspective. This is great because it’s going to give you an advantage in terms of speed on the court.

In addition, both shoes fit relative to your size and do not require any break-in period.

Again this is great news for you because your feet are going to be comfortable from the get-go and you don’t have to keep trying different shoes to find your size. In terms of weight and size, it’s equal on both sides of the coin from mine perspective.


Editor Rating:

  • Asics Court FF2 – 5/5
  • Asics Solution Speed FF – 4./5

In terms of cost, this would depend on where you buy them. For example, if you buy them at then the FF2 is less expensive than the Solution Speed FF.

If you are on a less budget then you would want to consider the FF2 over the Speed FF. In terms of cost, FF2 wins this because it would save you some money.


Are Asics good tennis shoes?

Yes, Asics are one of the best brands at making high-quality tennis shoes for all sorts of players.

What is the best Asics tennis shoe?

By far some of the best Asics tennis shoes are the Gel Resolution 8, Court FF 2 and the Solution Speed FF.

Final Thoughts!!

As we come to the end of the ultimate debate between the Asics Court FF2 vs Asics Solution Speed FF.  It’s pretty obvious that the Asics Court FF2 outclassed the Solution Speed FF in many areas of the shoe.

For examples, the upper, midsole and the price range. Despite that, both shoes are brilliantly made by Asics and now with the help of this post, you can select the shoe that suits your need.

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