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Adidas Gamecourt In-depth Review For Both Men and Women

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Product Overview
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight
  • Fit and Size


The iconic Barricade series is no more on the market and its great disappointment for both fans and players. However, Adidas has made the Gamecourt as one of the shoes to replace the Barricade series. This shoe is ideal for players with medium, wide foot and even 2E wide. It would provide you with excellent breathability and comfort

The only major criticism of this shoe is how the outsole is not very durable. If Adidas can improve this issue in their next edition, the Gamecourt can become a powerhouse like the Barricade series. 


  • Nice looking shoe
  • Very breathable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Superb comfort
  • Good stability


  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Not the best durable outsole

Over the years Adidas has won the heart of both fans and players with their awesome Barricade and Ubersonic series of tennis shoes.

The Barricade and Ubersonic are a few tennis shoes that have stood the test of time and pretty much tick most people’s ideal perfect tennis shoes.

The sad news is Adidas has replaced the iconic Barricades with Court Tennis Shoes. This news may be a big blow for most people because it was the kind of shoe that you can rely on to perform well a day in and day out.

The new Adidas Gamecourt has raised a lot of questions and doubts in people’s heads. For example, would this shoe led up to the expectation? or How good can this shoe perform on a regular basis?

If you are someone who wants to know these answers, I suggest you get a cup of tea/coffee, sit down and read on.


In terms of design and cosmetics, the new Gamecourt looks stunning and simple. It has a similar-looking design to the Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo which also looks sleek.

If you know me I’m a big fan of tennis shoe design and if you were to ask me which one is my favourite colour shoe. I would say the men’s white, light blue and the women’s white/orange is spot on.

The way Adidas blend the colour options were spot on and wearing such shoe can uplift your mood on the court if you are losing confidence or lack self-esteem.


Next up is the upper. The upper is made of lightweight mesh which is going to encase each foot in breathable comfort.

Adidas Gamecourt upper

Since it is lightweight and highly breathable it makes it ideal for you to cope with all-temperature and stay comfortable and supportive.

In addition, the perforated construction allows air to fully permeate the entire upper, letting your feet breathe when the temperature starts to rise or your training session heats up. 

This is a smart move from Adidas and hopefully, you would have a good time both on the practice and match court.


Adidas did a great job with the midsole. They made it with a Cloudfoam which is going to provide you with superior underfoot comfort. A lot of you are probably thinking what the heck is Cloudfoam? Let me help you out.

Adidas Gamecourt Midsole

Basically, the Cloudfoam midsole includes memory foam that moulds to the shape of your foot for superior underfoot comfort from the moment you step in till the moment you step out. Very innovative from Adidas.

The use of Cloudfoam midsole provides you with good cushioning and comfort in every stride. Moreover, the midsole lessens the impact on the foot whilst striking down and moving around the court.

By lessening the impact upon the foot, the midsole protects against injury and keeps you comfortable for longer.

And lastly, the midsole provides excellent cushioning in high impact areas so you can take-off and land with ease. This makes it ideal for court surfaces such as hard and clay court.


The outsole is made of Adidas own Adiwear outsole. It may not be the best durable tennis shoe on the market, however, it’s good enough to give you a good grip and traction on the court.

Adidas Gamecourt outsole

Also, it’s going to give you smooth traction on and off the court.

Moreover, since the outsole is made of rubber it is able to form a solid connection between the shoe and the court.

This means you are going to have a firm and strong grip on the court and be able to hit the ball with enough power.

And lastly, the multi-direction grooves would support you to control your movement on the court.


The tongue has a sock-line because of how it is integrated into the shoe. This is awesome because it gives you a glove-like fit when you wear the shoe. This makes your feet super comfortable and stable on the court.

If you think the sock-line feature would make your feet tight then I have to tell you that’s not the case, because it would extend and mould to the size of your foot.

Lacing System

The lacing system is nicely built to lock down your foot for a supportive fit. It may not be simple like other Adidas tennis shoes such as Adidas SoleCourt but it is still effective at keeping your feet stable on the court.

Colour Option

The Adidas Gamecourt comes in a variety of colours for both men and women. This is a great option to have as a player because you have many options to select which shoe colour suits your tennis outfit.

Fit and Size

This shoe requires no break-in period. This is nice to have because your feet can adapt quickly to the shoe and start playing your style of tennis. In terms of fit, this shoe is more suitable for players with medium, wide and 2E width.


As crazy as this shoe gets, I think it’s also worth pointing out the cost of the shoe. The cost of the shoe is below $100 which is awesome when compared to the amazing features that come with it.

It’s also worth checking the shoe out and even better getting a hand on one of them before the price increase in the near future.

Final Thoughts!!

As we come to the conclusion of this post, it’s obvious that Adidas has done a great job at making this shoe. For example, the midsole, design and tongue are all spots on.

On the other hand, a little improvement of the outsole durability could take the shoe to a whole new level. Overall, it may not be the best when compared to the Barricade series.

However, with that said people shouldn’t panic and remember that they are still coming from the three stripes. I feel with time Adidas would continue to make the Gamecourt series better and better over time.

If you manage to get this shoe, I wish you all the best and great success on the court.

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