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What Is The Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Racquetball Shoes?

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Hello everyone and welcome to tennis shoes Today’s post is about what is the difference between tennis shoes and racquetball shoes?

Over the last decade, racquetball is gaining more and more popularity in the mainstream of sport. This is due to many reasons and one being how fun and challenging is to play.  

It is similar to tennis and squash in so many ways that people sometimes get confused between these three sports. If you are confused, don’t worry because at the end of this post you would have clarity over them. 

Also, a lot of people don’t know the difference between tennis shoes and racquetball shoes. This is what this post is all about and I want to address it. If you are ready, let’s jump into it. 

What is Racquetball?

Before I answer the question, what is the difference between tennis shoes and racquetball shoes? let’s first talk about what is racquetball.

Playing racquetball - What Is The Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Racquetball Shoes?

Racquetball is sometimes referred to as ‘American Racquetball’ is a sport played indoors with a measurement of 40 ft, 20 ft, and 20 ft.

Looking at this measurement we can already see how similar it is to squash and British racquetball.

The big difference is racquetball players are required to play with a bigger racket head, and a bouncier ball on a longer and narrower court.

Just like tennis and squash, racquetball is a very physical and mental game. You have to constantly keep chasing the ball.

If you want to learn more about racquetball, please check the video below.

What Makes Tennis Different From Racquetball?

If tennis and racquetball are alike then what makes them different from one another. Let’s look at some examples. 

Racquetball racket

Although both sports use a racket they are vastly different. Tennis racket normally has 27 inches whiles racquetball has 3-7/8 inches. 

Secondly, racquetball is usually played on finished woods. This provides uniformity for ball rebound and play.

Tennis, on the other hand, are played on three main surfaces which are grass, clay and hard court. 

Thirdly, tennis has a net in the middle of the court to separate both players. With racquetball, there isn’t any net to separate the players. The ball is hit on the wall back and forward as the players try to chase them.  

Lastly, racquetball is played to the best of three games/set. Whiles tennis can either be played in three or five sets. 

Similarities Between Tennis And Racquetball?

Next let’s look at some of the similarities between tennis and racquetball. 

Firstly, it requires using a ball and a racket. The fundamental style of play between both sports involves hitting the ball with a racket and chasing the ball up and down. 

Secondly, it’s a very physical sport. As I said earlier, both sports are physically demanding. If you are not physically strong, you would burn out quickly. 

And thirdly, you get two chances to serve. If you fault the first time you get a second chance.

But if you commit two unforced errors, it is double fault and your opponent get the point. 

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Racquetball?

After looking at some of the similarities and differences between tennis and racquetball, most people tend to ask, can I wear tennis shoes for racquetball? 

Tennis Shoes

The simple answer in my honest opinion is NO!

Just because both sports are similar does not mean you can exchange shoes and use it either on a tennis or racquetball court.

The next sub-title is an in-depth analysis of why you shouldn’t wear tennis shoes for racquetball. And vice verse. 

Differences Between Tennis Shoes And Racquetball Shoes?

Now let’s tackle the question everyone has been waiting for. 


Since tennis is played on three different surfaces, they tend to have an aggressive sole to give you good traction and grip on the court. 

Racquetball soles are designed with more cushioning and stability in mind. This allows the shoe to stick to the court comfortably without losing your balance. This way you can run up and down to get the ball with ease. 

Non-scuffing and Gum-sole Shoes

Adding onto the out-sole, racquetball shoes tend to have gum-soled to prevent black marks on the court. 

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, have non-scuffing soles so that you don’t damage the court with scuff marks and lines. Especially with the hard court that is made of asphalt and covered with acrylic material. 

Breathability and Durability 

Tennis and racquetball shoes can look very similar. Same for tennis and running shoes. However, there are still some minor differences. 

Tennis shoes are specifically designed to have stronger edges for lateral movement and a blunter toe. This gives you good movement on the court without hurting yourself. 

This however, don’t tend to make tennis shoes durable since it wears out quickly. 

Racquetball shoes have good breathable rubber on the sole. This gives you excellent traction on the court. It’s super comfortable and durable. 

Are Squash And Racquetball The Same?

The question, is squash and racquetball the same? is a frequent question asked by a newbie who is new to the sport. 

Playing racquetball

The answer is no! Although they are very, very similar and it’s easy to think both as one sport. 

Normally speaking squash is played with a measurement of 9.75 m, 6.4 m and 5.64 m.

Whiles racquetball is played with a measurement of 40 ft, 20 ft, and 20 ft.

But overall most rules applies to both sports. 

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, I hope this post was enlightening and informing to you. Now I’m confident and pretty sure that you know the difference between tennis shoes and racquetball shoes. 

If you are ever going to buy one of them, make sure to look closely at the features so that you don’t buy the wrong shoe. 

Buying the wrong shoe could negatively impact your performance on the court and you could have a serious injury. 

If you are still here, please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts. It would be great to read them. Have an awesome time either if you are going on a tennis or racquetball court. 

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