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What Is The Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Running Shoes?

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Hello tennis lovers and welcome to another post at tennis shoes The question of, what is the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes is such a popular question.

Even as a hardcore tennis fan, I have run into long debates with people discussing what makes tennis shoes different from running shoes. You wouldn’t believe how HEATED these arguments would get as the debate progress.

So in this post, I want to clear some of the misconceptions and give a non-basis view on this topic. If you are excited let’s dive into the analysis beginning with some of the similarities between these two sports.

Similarities Between Tennis and Running


Firstly, without a doubt running is one of the key similarities between these two sports.

When playing tennis you are required to run up and down to get every ball. The same principle applies to running without the hitting of the ball or chasing it.

Secondly, both sports are very physically demanding. Tennis and running require you to stay physically strong especially if you want to compete on a professional level.

If you don’t believe me go watch Djokovic vs Nadal in 2012 Australian Open Final. It was a CRAZY and EPIC final.

Can I Use Tennis Shoes For Running?

Looking at the similarities between both sports, most people tend to ask can I use tennis shoes for running? And the simple answer is a BIG NO. But why?? Most people may say! Let’s look at the different parts of the shoes to find the answers.


A good distinguish between tennis and running shoes is weight.

Generally speaking, running shoes are lightweight compared to tennis shoes. This is because it allows the user to be very fast and quick.

Running shoe

Tennis players, on the other hand, would rather choose stability, comfort, and breathability than lightweight.

This way they can be grounded on the court without losing balance.

Midsole Cushioning

Normally speaking tennis shoes don’t tend to have a lot of midsoles cushioning compared with running shoes. They have less cushioning so that you feel grounded and connected to the court.


One of the big differences between tennis shoes and running shoes is the outsole. Tennis shoe outsole is designed in an aggressive way to give you traction on the court. Either you are going to play on a hard, grass or clay court.

Running shoes on the other hand don’t have the same traction as tennis shoes. That’s why you can run quickly with running shoes.

Moreover, running shoes are not durable and sustainable in the long term. Once the outsole wears out, most people throw it away because it is no use.

Upper Support

Tennis shoes have strong, comfortable, and breathable upper support than running shoes. They normally use a lot of TPU in tennis shoes to give you a lot of support when playing a match.

Running shoes is not usually the case because you are normally moving forward.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have gotten clarity on the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes.

Idea or thought

If you want similar posts like this, feel free to check my last post What Is The Difference Between Tennis And Squash Shoes?

It is important that you wear the right shoes for whatever sports that you are participating in.

Wearing the wrong shoes could lead to injuries and poor performance on the court. So make sure you do a thorough analysis when buying the right sport shoe.

If you enjoy the post, please feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts. Have a happy time either you are going to a tennis court or doing some running.

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