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What Is The Difference Between Tennis And Squash Shoes?

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In my last post, I talked about what is the difference between tennis shoes and badminton shoes? and why it is essential that you wear the correct shoes for whatever sport you are playing.

In today’s post, however, I’m going to discuss what is the difference between tennis shoes and squash shoes?

If you don’t know what squash is, let me give you a quick summary. Basically, squash is a sport played by either two or four players in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball.

The game is played by striking the ball with your racquets onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. This sport is normally played at a fast pace and running up and down to chase the ball.

You have to be extremely fit to play this game and have good eye coordination. Looking at this game we could see that it is very similar to tennis in so many ways.

The Similarity Between Squash and Tennis?

Squash and tennis have so many similarities that they are like identical twins. Here are some of them.

Tennis racquet and tennis ball

Firstly, it involves using a racquet and a ball. The fundamental of tennis also involves using a tennis racquet and a tennis ball to play the game.

Secondly, both sports start with a serve. Before a game start or resumes, one player has to serve to activate the game.

This indicates to everyone that the game is about to start. Thirdly, it involves running and normally it is played at a fast pace.

Just like how tennis consists of running up and down chasing the ball so is squash. You have to be very fit to play both sports.

If you want a thorough in-depth analysis of the similarities between squash and tennis, check this post out by clicking here. It is very useful.

The Difference Between Squash and Tennis?

Now let’s look at some of the differences between squash and tennis. Firstly, the court is one of the biggest differences between each sport.

Grass court

Tennis courts consist of a net in the centre that players must volley the ball over. Also, tennis courts are rectangular and big in size.

On the other hand, a squash court is much different as players play in a closed area in which they hit the ball off of the walls. The game is all about hitting the ball towards the walls.

In terms of surfaces, squash is played on typical wood or rubber surfaces. Whiles tennis is played on either hard, clay or grass courts.

Secondly, it is the racquets. Although both sports racquets may look the same in reality, they look different. Generally speaking, a squash racquet is smaller than a tennis racquet.

The racquet cannot be any longer than 27 inches and tennis racquet cannot be longer than 29 inches. 

If you want a more thorough analysis of the differences between tennis and squash, please check this post out. It is brilliantly written.

Can I Use Tennis Shoes For Squash?


After looking at the differences and similarities between tennis and squash shoes. The obvious question that everyone would like to ask is can I use tennis shoes for squash or vice verse.

If you want a simple answer, it is no! Here are some reasons to think about it.

Firstly, squash is a sport that requires you to run at a fast pace and still maintain your balance as you would be required to turn around often.

Therefore, wearing tennis shoes would slow down your pace dramatically and would not give you as much shock absorption as you want.

Secondly, wearing tennis shoes on the squash court would create marks on the court. This is because tennis soles are specifically designed to give you good grip and stability on the tennis court.

However, the interesting thing is you can use badminton, volleyball, handball, or racquetball shoes to play squash. Never use basketball, running, or cross-fit shoes on squash courts because they are not designed for it. I can’t explain to you enough the importance of not using these shoes on squash courts.

Overall it is best that you get the appropriate shoes for squash because you would be able to play better.

Are Tennis and Squash Shoes The Same?

Just because tennis and squash are similar sports it doesn’t mean their shoes are the same. Here are some main differences regarding both shoes.



Squash shoes are specifically designed for lateral movement. This means it allows you to move freely and fast without injuring yourself.

They have support in the inner and outer parts of the foot so that you can maintain your balance whiles you are playing.

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, do give you movement but not the same luxury as squash shoes do.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still run up and down and still be able to stretch freely.


One of the key characteristics of squash shoes is the sole. It has a non-marking sole which is designed for an indoor floor. This would help you grip the floor in the correct way.

Like I said earlier, tennis shoes are not advisable to use on squash courts because it would create marks on the court. This is because tennis soles tend to be aggressive which allows good traction on the court.

Final Thoughts

As the post comes to its conclusion, I hope you have understood why you shouldn’t use tennis shoes on the court and vice versa.

Buying the correct squash shoes would save you from getting injuries and allow you to play perfectly on the court.

There is one thought I would like to leave you regarding squash shoes. Always try to get two shoes that are comfortable for you. This would allow you to alternate between both shoes so that it would last you very long.

If you enjoy the post, please feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts. With that said, have a happy time either if you are going on a tennis or squash court.

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