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Babolat Jet Tere In-depth Review For Both Men and Women

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  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight
  • Fit and Size


When it comes to making the Babolat Jet series, Babolat tries to make it lightweight, fast and comfortable. The same principles were applied in this Jete version and with new technologies.

This shoe is going to provide you with good ventilation, lightweight and increase your speed on the court. However, there are some issues with this shoe such as the sizing which can be tricky for players to find their perfect size.


  • Very lightweight
  • Speedy feel
  • Nice breathability
  • More colour options to choose from


  • Sizing can be tricky for players to find their size
  • Lack of stability

When it comes to making lightweight tennis shoes with good stability Babolat tennis shoes are right at the top of the list with some of the other tennis shoe brands.

This is great for tennis in general because they continue to re-innovate tennis shoes and take them on a new level that nobody could imagine. It reminds me of the Adidas Stycon which is the first tennis shoe without laces. It’s very fascinating how they made it and how it has changed the way we perceive tennis shoes.

This type of shoes makes you think that tennis, in general, is evolving at a very fast pace and there is more exciting development around the corner.

The Babolat Jet Tere is a replacement of the Jet Mach I. There have been some changes to the Jet Tere from the Jet March I.

In this post, I would go into some of the changes made and help you understand more about this shoe. If you are ready let’s start with a quick story on why this shoe is called Jet Tere.

Why The Name Jete Tere?

If you already don’t know, the name Tere which is the short name for Terry is incorporated inside of the name of the shoe to mean fast.

It’s specifically designed for players who are looking for a speedy and lightweight tennis shoe. If you are that type of player then this shoe is for you.


From my perspective, when I look at the design and cosmetic of the shoe it brings into my memory of the Babolat Jet Mach II.

Like the Jet Mach II, this shoe is not the best design on the market or the worst either when you compare it with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit which looks superb and stunning. With that said, it’s still a fine shoe to wear on the court and even off the court with how ultra-lightweight it is.

Honestly speaking wearing this type of shoe to a place like a gym makes your feet feel so light to the point that you don’t even notice that you are wearing it.


Next up is the upper of the shoe. It is made of a soft mesh material. This material used and the awesome feature it offers makes it different from the Jet Mach I. The mesh material is going to provide you with excellent breathability on the court.

Babolat Jet Tere upper
Image Source: TW

This is great to have as we players because you don’t want any shoes that gets very hot quickly and feels uncomfortable at the same time. Credit to Babolat for making the upper very breathable to wear.

If you are a player that tends to play in very hot condition and long matches then this is the shoe for you.

And lastly, the front of the shoe has got a side padded protection which toe draggers are going to enjoy wearing it. The padded protection is also going to provide you with support as you move around the court.

Toe Box Area and Midsole Flared Edge

You would notice that the rubber from the sole comes up to the front of the toe box area. This is to provide you with additional protection as you slide on the court. Also, it’s excellent for players that are toe dragger and tends to wear their toe area quickly.

This is good to see that Babolat is providing you with good protection because we all know that the toe box can be a vulnerable area.

In addition, the midsole area has got a slightly flared edge which is going to provide you with lateral stability and support as you move around the court. This is great for your game because it reduces your chances of you rolling over and hurting your ankle.

Back Of The Heel and Ankle Area

Around the back of the shoe, there is a solid reinforcement plastic strip which is designed to provide you with good support and lateral stability in the heel of the shoe.

Another important key change to this shoe from the Jet March I is the heel/ankle area. It comes with a padded and nice soft feel which is good for your ankle because you would feel comfortable and supported as you hit the ball.


The midsole is made of KPRS-X which is made from Michelin sole technology. The purpose of this material is to provide you with excellent cushioning and damping as you move around the court.

Babolat Jet Tere midsole
Image Source: TW

Furthermore, it provides you with support and comfort underfoot and the use of active flexion technology keeps you supported and connected to the court.

Insole and Lacing System

Another feature of the shoe is the Arthur light insole. This is a memory foam and a moisture management system which is going to give you a nice cushioning when you wear it. The good thing is you can take it out and replace it with your own one if you don’t like it.

Secondly is the lacing system. It has got extra lacing holes to use for extra grip when you need it. Also, around the eyelets for the laces has got additional protection material to prevent it from wearing out quickly.

And lastly, the tongue has got a leather hole on top of it to keep it stable. Moreover, the tongue has a nice pad to give you cushioning and comfort when you wear it.

Colour Options

This shoe comes in a variety of colours which is fantastic. Also, as the season progress, more colours would be release by Babolat. This is a nice option to have because you get to select which colour shoe you prefer and suit your tennis outfit.


Now let’s look at the outsole. It is made of Michelin rubber outsole in an S-shaped pattern for a supreme level of traction on all court surfaces.

Babolat Jet Tere outsole
Image Source: TW

This is great for your game because you would be able to move freely and faster on the court in all directions.

In addition, it is made rigid to provide you with lateral stability when sliding and moving in all directions on the court.

At the middle of the outsole has a torsion control system which again would provide you with lateral stability and prevents you from losing your balance.

Weight and Size

Coming at a weight of 12.4 ounces for size 10.5. This shoe is incredibly lightweight which is fantastic for your game because you would be able to move quickly on the court.

In addition, the sizing of the shoe can be very tricky. It’s worth trying different sizes to find the perfect one for your feet.


This shoe definitely suits players who have narrow and medium feet. If you have a wide or extra wide foot then this shoe is not for you.

If you have a wide foot and are looking for the best shoe for you then I highly recommend that you read this post. You would find it very useful.


And there you have the full review of the Babolat Jet Tere for both men and women. This shoe is going to provide you with lightweight, speedy feel and breathability. All these features are great at helping you improve your game and performing better.

However, there are some issues with this shoe such as the sizing which can be tricky for players to find their perfect size.

Also, the shoe is very specific towards players with narrow and medium feet. It would be great for Babolat to improve these weaknesses of the shoe in their future editions.

It’s still a fantastic tennis shoe to have in your arsenal and it can really help your game a lot. I wish you a lot of success on the court with this shoe.

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