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Asics Court FF3 Review

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Product Overview
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight
  • Fit and Size


The Asics Court FF 3 is finally out after all the hype and anticipation. This shoe is built for the most aggressive movers and players who like to slide into their shots. Not only that but you would enjoy the speedy and stable feel of the shoe with its excellent durability.


  • Speedy
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Different colours to choose from
  • Breathable


  • Expensive
  • Slight break-in required

Asics are known for making quality tennis shoes over the years. After building this amazing reputation they have now released their latest shoe for 2023 and it’s called the Asics Court FF3.

This shoe is built to provide you with the best speed, stability, and durability for aggressive players. The question is did this update leave up to the expectation? Let’s find out by starting with the design.


Straight out of the box, the design and structure of the Asics Court FF3 looks very identical to a lot of Asic’s previous designs such as the Asics Solution Swift FF.

It has the Asics logo on the side and it blends perfectly with the colour scheme. All the colour schemes that Asics selected are spot on and it is cool to wear them both on and off the court. My personal favourite design from the shoe is the men’s blue and white.


Next up is the upper. It is made with a combination of mesh and TPU material which does really well to provide you with good support and stability. This enables you to move and slide with ease and comfort on the court.

Asics Court FF 3 upper
Image Source: TW

Also, the use of the mesh material does really well to provide you with good breathability.

This is fantastic because it allows moisture to leave the shoe quickly whiles at the same time allowing fresh air to enter. This is very useful when you are playing in hot weather conditions.

Furthermore, Asics did a brilliant job with the upper durability. If you are a toe dragger or an aggressive mover then you would benefit really well from this shoe. It’s worth checking this shoe out.

Toe Box, Ankle Support, and Heel Area

The toe box comes with PGuard technology that is going to give you excellent durability. This is great for aggressive movers and sliders. Not only that but the toe box area is going to give you a nice fit and cushioning when you wear it.

The ankle area is going to provide you with good protection when you wear it. This way you don’t injure yourself heavily.

Furthermore, the heel area would help you place your feet in the perfect position as you move on the court. This way you don’t put too much pressure and strain on your heels.

Insole and Midsole

The next part of the shoe to look at is the insole and midsole of the shoe. You would really enjoy wearing the shoe because the cushioning is nice and comfortable.

Asics Court FF 3 midsole
Image Source: TW

On top of that, the insole is removable which enables you to replace it with your preferred choice. Or if you were to wash your shoes you can take the insole out to dry them.

The midsole, on the other hand, comes with a flyte foam material which is included to offer you the best ultra-lightweight cushioning and support underfoot. This allows you to move and turn with ease.

Furthermore, the GEL technology absorbs harsh court shock. This is very useful when you jump high and lending so that you don’t hurt your feet. And lastly, the midfoot trusstic system technology adds rigidity and resists unwanted twisting for added stability. 


The Asics Court FF3 comes with a size of 12.9 ounces with a size of 8.5. I would say it’s fairly decent in terms of the weight and it wouldn’t put too much pressure on your feet as you move around the court.

Lacing System and Tongue

Both the lacing system and tongue are done in a very simple way but it’s very effective at giving you the support and grip you need.

Asics Court FF 3 lacing system
Image Source: TW

The tongue does not come with the usually padded cushioning instead it comes with a netted material.

It’s a little bit more elastic and thicker however it has a very good vented process. Therefore, you wouldn’t feel restricted playing in it.

The lacing system comes with extra lacing holes for you to use if you need more grip and support. Moreover, the eyelets are made of metal to provide you with a lot of durabilities.


In terms of the fit of the shoe, it’s more suitable for players who have narrow to medium feet. However, you may want to try the shoes out in order to find the perfect fit for your size.

Furthermore, this shoe is perfect for players who have foot issues such as arch pains, heel pain, tendinitis and etc. On the other hand, it’s not ideal for players who have shot feet and very skinny ankles.

The shoe does require some break-in period therefore it’s important to be a little patient with the shoe when you first wear it.


Another key area of the shoe to look at when you want to buy a tennis shoe is the outsole. When you take a look at the outsole you would notice that Asics did not use the aggressive pattern from the FF2 on the FF3.

Asics Court FF 3 outsole
Image Source: TW

Interestingly enough the approach and pattern they used worked perfectly with the FF3. The linear wave pattern on the lateral side gives you more feel to the ground.

Also, the three-piece outsole unit does well to add more flexibility and comfort to your game.

Furthermore, the AHAR Plus rubber outsole in a modified herringbone tread pattern is built to perform on any court surface.

And lastly with the outsole is the durability. Without a doubt, is one of the best durability shoes on the market currently.

Colour Options

As much as the shoe looks amazing and colourful it also comes with different colour options to choose from. As of now, the men come in five different colours to choose from whiles the women come in three different options.

It’s nice to have different colours to choose from because it gives you the option to select your preferred colour design that suits your tennis outfit.


Lastly is the price of the shoe. The Asics Court FF3 comes around the $164.95 price mark. This makes it the most expensive shoe on the market in 2023.

Despite how expensive this shoe is it offers you amazing features that would take your game to the next level such as stability, durability, nice cushioning and comfort.

However, if you feel that this shoe does not fit your budget and want a cheaper one then I would suggest the Adidas Defiant Speed. It also comes with great features as well and would benefit you a lot.


As this post comes to its end, we could see that it’s a brilliant update from Asics. The Asics Court FF3 is going to make you play even better by providing you with good support, excellent durability and nice comfort.

However, the shoe does require a break-in period and it’s very expensive to afford. If you have the budget for this shoe then I highly recommend it. If not you can try some of the less expensive shoes. Overall, it’s one of the best shoes currently on the market.

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