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Diadora Speed Finale Review

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Product Overview
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight
  • Fit and Size


Diadora has released its first tennis shoe on the market for 2023 and it’s called the Diadora Finale. This shoe is specifically built for players who are looking for comfort, durability, and stability. However, it’s not the best breathability shoe on the market. If you are someone whose feet easily get moisture then I wouldn’t recommend this shoe. All in all, it’s a great edition from Diadora.


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent durability
  • Well-padded and plush
  • Good support
  • Nice cushioning


  • Breathability needs improvement
  • Expensive
  • Slight break-in required

Are you a big fan of Diadora tennis shoes? If you are then you would like to check out their latest tennis shoe on the market. This shoe is called the Diadora Speed Finale, which is built to take your game to the next level by providing you with good comfort, stability, and durability. Let’s review the different parts of the Diadora Speed Finale to learn more about it, starting with the design and cosmetics.


Right out of the box, the Diadora Speed Finale looks bulky, colourful, and bright. This really makes you stand out on the court and gives you extra confidence playing in them.

I love the colours Diadora selected to make these shoes. Not only that the logo of Diadora is very big and blends perfectly with the design and colours of the shoe. Personally, I love the men’s white/green/navy colour because it looks cool both on and off the court.


When you look at the upper from the get-go you can see that it’s bulky. This is because it’s encased with layers upon layers of materials. This comes with pros and cons with how it’s built.

Diadora Speed Finale upper
Image Source: TW

It’s made with a combined Supertech, air mesh and PU materials. This amazing combination of materials does really well to provide you with good support and stability when playing and sliding on the court.

However, the big downside with all of these material combinations is the breathability.

This means the shoe can easily get heated up quickly and does not allow fresh air to enter the shoe quickly as it should.

Despite how uncomfortable the breathing system can be, the durability of the upper is solid. You would benefit greatly if you like to slide a lot or wear your shoes quickly.

Toe Box, Ankle Support, and Heel Area

The toe box is nicely built to give you the best protection and durability when playing in them. Also, you would enjoy the nice fit of the shoe. This makes it great for players who are toe-draggers.

Furthermore, you are going to enjoy wearing this shoe because you would get nice and good support from the ankle. This allows you to move better and with ease on the court.

Another key area to consider before buying this shoe is the heel area. The heel counter is higher than normal and comes with a lot of padding. This is great because it gives you security and a glove-like fit when you wear it.

Insole and Midsole

The insole of the shoe is nicely made to provide you with good cushioning and comfort when you wear it. Also, since it’s removable you can replace them with your preferred insole.

Diadora Speed Finale midsole
Image Source: TW

The midsole on the other hand is built with a lot of lightweight EVA foam. When you wear it, it feels super light on your foot which is good because it doesn’t put too much pressure on your foot.

On top of that, the EVA foam with the reinforced arch support does well to enhance lateral stability. This allows you to move better and with ease on the court.

Moreover, the shank on these is really loaded and acts as a tread bridge between the forefoot and rear foot. This enables the shoe to move as one unit when it’s bending and snapping.

Another key element of the midsole is winged on the posterior side. When you wear the shoe you immediately feel the impact and it gives you a lot of freedom when moving from front to back.


The Diadora speed finale may be bulky when you see but it weighs around 14.9 ounces with a size of 10.5. I wouldn’t say it’s the most lightweight or heaviest shoe on the market.

I would say it’s decent. If you are looking for a lightweight tennis shoe on the market then I recommend that you read this full review.

Lacing System and Tongue

Now let’s look at the lacing system and tongue. The lacing system is fairly simple and basic. You can easily lace through the shoe quickly.

Diadora Speed Finale lacing system
Image Source: TW

Also, the materials used make the lacing holes durable and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the lacing system has extra lacing holes for you to use if you need more grip and support on the court.

The tongue on the other hand is really tick than usual. This means when you wear the shoe you are going to enjoy the amazing padding that comes along with it.


The fit and size of the shoe are streamlined which makes it a great fit for players who have narrow and medium. Also, if you have any of these foot sizes you can go true to size.

Furthermore, the shoe is suitable for players who have foot issues such as heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and so on. The Diadora Speed Finale does require some break-in period therefore it’s important to be a little patient when you first wear it.


Diadora did not make any major changes to the outsole however, it does perform really well. It comes with a multi-directional herringbone tread pattern which allows you to slide well on the court. Also, it allows you to grab on the lateral side.

Diadora Speed Finale outsole
Image Source: TW

When you look closely at the outsole you would notice the micro cobblestone pattern on the tread which is going to give you an excellent grip on the court.

Furthermore, the outsole material is very durable. If you quickly wear your shoes then you would enjoy wearing this shoe.

And lastly with the outsole is the unique fishtail construction in the heel region for easy stride transitions.

Colour Options

As of now, there are not many colour options to choose from for either men or women. Both men and women come in two different colours. It would be nice to see Diadora release different colours over the course of the year.


The last point to consider when buying this shoe is the price. It comes around the $130.00 price point which is very expensive.

Although expensive, the Diadora speed finale comes with amazing features such as comfort, support and durability to take your game to the next level.


In conclusion, it’s great to see this shoe on the market by Diadora. It comes with awesome features such as excellent durability, comfort and support which makes it one of the best shoes in 2023.

However, the breathability of the shoe is not great and needs a lot of improvement. Furthermore, the shoe is expensive and does require a slight break-in period. Overall, I think it’s one of the best shoes on the market and it’s worth checking out.

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