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Top Picks For Women’s Wide Tennis Shoes

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When you have wide feet, your Tennis shoes become different. Due to this reason, wide-footed women players always look for something more than extra in their Tennis shoes. 

Today, you will find tons of options in this regard. But there are different factors that come together to help you pick the perfect fit for your wide feet. There is no doubt that such Tennis shoes are also readily available but through this guide, we are going to review some top picks for women’s wide Tennis shoes! 

This discussion is going to be different so that you can better learn about these Tennis shoes in this regard! So let’s get on with it without wasting any instant! 

1. AKK Women’s Tennis Shoes

Akk Womens Walking Tennis Shoes - Slip On Memory Foam Lightweight Casual Sneakers for Gym Travel Work

To begin with, we have the ultimate AKK Women’s Tennis shoes for you. These are perfect to try on due to their extremely breathable upper mesh, which keeps your feet dry in hot temperatures. 

This upper mesh also contributes to the overall comfort of this shoe pair. The memory foam insole is for better shock absorption to prevent sudden trauma to your feet. These are fully easy to wear and don’t complicate things for you at all. 

The rubber is not slippery which means it not only provides better friction but also serves you for traction for playing Tennis as well. The padded collar is for protecting your feet from grinding, which can be highly problematic. 


  • Color: Black
  • Materials Used: Blend of MD rubber, memory foam, mesh
  • Arch Level: High 




  • Impressive cushioning impact
  • Breathable feel
  • Lightweight body
  • Get dried quickly
  • Do not irritate the skin
  • Fully durable


  • None so far 

2. STQ Tennis Shoes 

STQ AIR 2.0 Women's Running Shoes Lightweight Tennis Workout Sneakers

The best part about these shoes is their flexibility, which is due to ultralight synthetic material. The highlight of this material is its quick-drying nature and breathable nature. The laces are also adjustable and never tangle with each other. 

These also prove to be snug because the laces quickly adapt to your feet as well. You get more feasibility with the pull on straps present at the heels, which makes taking these shoes off easy. 

The inner sole contains memory foam which enhances the arch support for the users. At the rear portion, you will find non-slip patches which make these shoes versatile to use for different types of grounds. These are multipurpose shoes which means not only Tennis, you can run, jog, and exercise with these shoes. 


  • Color: Aqua Gray
  • Materials Used: Combination of rubber and synthetic fiber 
  • Arch Level: Medium 



  • The best grip available among its contenders
  • Fully breathable 
  • Dry quickly after washing
  • Completely adaptable design
  • Strong grip to prevent slips 
  • Snug feel due to laces 


  • None so far

3. HEAD Sprint Tennis Shoes 

These amazing shoes come with a special style that can suit all types of outfits easily. The best highlight of this pair is the cooling system which relaxes your feet during a hot sunny day so that you don’t have to sweat at all. 

The impressive ventilation also keeps your feet dry and cool at the same time. The rubber sole is responsible for the spectacular shock absorption for the users. This sole also enhances the overall foot support for you to play Tennis. The tongue and the mesh come together to give this shoe pair an edge when it comes to women’s wide Tennis shoes. 


  • Color: White
  • Material Used: Upgraded upper mesh 
  • Arch Level: Medium



  • Excellent breathability 
  • Rubber soles for better support
  • Shock-absorbent nature to prevent foot trauma
  • Perfect ventilation for keeping the feet dry


  • None so far

4. FitVille Wide Width Court Shoes

FitVille Women's Pickleball Shoes Wide Court Shoes Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

We have FitVille Wide Width Court Shoes to try out if you are a female Tennis player with wide feet. Why are these so special? Well, all the credit goes to their remarkable features and craftsmanship.

 These prove to be effective for regular usage without undergoing possible wear and tear. The same applies to training sessions and sports activities as well. The upper is stylish and attracts your opponents as well. 

There is a special mesh designed to develop this shoe’s upper along with microfibers for maintaining comfort. The breathable nature of this pair makes them odorless and due to this reason, female Tennis players love its results in this regard.

 The special ortho-lite and honeycomb insoles are for extra comfort. The anti-torsion and EVA will provide you with amazing shock absorption on the whole. 


  • Color: Gray and avocado green 
  • Material Used: Combination of microfiber and mesh 
  • Arch Level: High




  • Fully non-slippery nature
  • Odorless 
  • Available in beautiful colors
  • The best option for anti-torsion


  • None so far

5. Nike Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Women's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

You can consider these outstanding shoes for their unbeatable cushioning and foot support. These focus on hard Tennis courts due to the inclusion of highly sturdy soles that provide remarkable grip to the users. 

The collar and tongue come together to reduce the chances of abrasion that can easily damage the shoe structure in the long run. The leather and synthetic fiber are responsible for infusing breathability in these shoes and making them durable for rigorous performance as well. 


  • Color: White
  • Material Used: Duo of synthetic fiber and leather
  • Arch Level: Medium




  • A perfect option when cushioning is the focus
  • Breathable shoe structure 
  • Excellent traction on the courts
  • Strong grip to prevent falls and slips


  • Highly Expensive

Simple Tips For Choosing Best Tennis Shoes 

  1. Tennis Court Type: It is important to understand that different Tennis shoes work on different courts. You simply cannot use a hard court shoe pair on a clay court at all. Therefore, when it comes to different courts, you need to determine your shoe pair based on this factor. Therefore, in this regard, the features and specs of the Tennis shoes will also change. It means you have to be careful while choosing between Tennis shoes because not all Tennis shoes are versatile and work on all types of courts. However, if you have multipurpose shoes, then you can simply rely on a single pair to use on all types of courts. Or else, you might have to buy individual shoes for specific courts which can be a little expensive for you. 


  1. Accurate Foot Size: The first thing that you have to consider is your foot size. Everything comes later. The reason is that if you dont have accurate feet measurements, you can end up buying the wrong pair of Tennis shoes. Therefore, it is always better to accurately match the shoes with your foot size to avoid complications. If the Tennis shoes are too tight, these can box up your feet and make you feel uneasy. Also, if these are too loose, your shoes will come off frequently thus troubling you to perform accurately on the Tennis court. It means on all counts, you need to measure your feet accurately to grab the perfect fit for Tennis shoes. 


Prominent Benefits Of Women’s Wide Tennis Shoes 

You cannot ignore the importance of buying perfect women’s wide Tennis shoes because of the following benefits! 


  • Stability: When it comes to Tennis, stability is important so that when you jump and land it can be done securely. Only stable shoes can do this and save you from twisting your feet and meeting an orthopedic mishap later. 
  • Comfort: Since Tennis players need to play for long hours, their legs and feet need comfort. It means if you happen to buy the perfect Tennis shoes then comfort is guaranteed. 
  • Money-saving: Also, a perfect pair will help you save a lot of money. It is because you won’t have to go for frequent replacements and repairs which can be highly expensive in the long run. 
  • Durability: It is important to get yourself appropriate Tennis shoes because such shoes prove to be effective for providing you with perfect durability. You don’t have to struggle with shoe abrasion because their durable body will protect them from wear and tear quite well. 
  • Confident  Performance: Don’t underestimate the impact of stunning Tennis shoes on your mind and body language when you are playing Tennis. It is because you will feel a certain confidence to achieve your win by wearing your favorite Tennis shoes easily. Therefore, Tennis shoes are important to impart confidence to overcome all sorts of obstacles in your game. 


The Bottom Line

We are now winding up the best women’s wide Tennis shoes review. Hopefully, now you will be able to find the perfect pair of shoes for yourself from the above mentioned options. 


You can further research them and find out more about their features and reviews before coming to a decision. In this way, you will get a better idea regarding their performance for the other users on the whole. Other than this, you can find these shoes on Amazon by clicking their links as well! 


After going through this post, it is clear that playing Tennis with wide feet is not a problem for you at all since now you can solve it by relying on the amazing shoes reviewed in this post! 

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